Arid Orchard Grass Seed


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Type: Cool Season Perennial Grass Height: 3.5 – 4 feet
Usage: Hay, Pasture Seeding Rate: Unhulled: 15 lb/ acre

Hulled: 8 lb/ acre

Plant: Feb – April 20
  • The Most Drought Tolerant We Have Seen in 50 Years of Research
  • Medium Maturity
  • Persistent
  • High Palatability
  • Yield is Similar to that of Potomac
  • Used For Dairy Quality Hay & Pasture
  • pH Requirement: 5.5 +
  • We Strongly Suggest Using a Legume (ex: Red Clover, Alsike, Ladino, or Alfalfa) with All Cool Season Grasses

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