Silomax BMR II – Hybrid Forage Sorghum

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Type: Summer Annual Height: 6 ft
Usage: Silage Seeding Rate: 8# / acre Planter (rows)

15#/ acre Drilled

25-30# / acre Broadcast

Plant: May 15th – Aug 10th (with soil moisture)
  • Brachytic Dwarf Hybrid Forage Sorghum
  • SiloMax BMR II is a new hybrid that was bred not only for its BMR traits, but also because it is shorter than the older BMR heights. This Hybrid will only get about 6’ tall and has excellent standability. This hybrid will yield better than conventional varieties, and Total Digestible Nutrients will exceed these hybrids as well. The plant also has more leaves than taller varieties. This hybrid is recommended for high tonnage, high quality silage only. It is a medium-long season and is great for dairies and feed yards.
  • Minimum pH: 6.0
  • Not recommended for grazing or hay
  • Traits:
    • Early Seedling Vigor: Good
    • Growth Habit: Upright
    • Recovery after Cutting: Not Recommended
    • Uniformity: Good
    • Midrib Type: Brown
    • Seed Set: Excellent
    • Maturity: Boot 75-80 days
  • Strengths:
    • Highly Digestible
    • Very High Tonnage
    • Standability
  • Seeding:
    • Soil Temperature should be at least 65 degrees F at 1”-2” deep
    • Can be no-tilled into the stubble of winter and spring crops
  • Harvest:
    • SiloMax BMR II can be harvested for silage when the grain is in the soft dough stage or mature stage.
  • Avoiding Nitrate & Prussic Acid Poisoning from Sorghum:
    • Avoid large nitrogen applications prior to expected drought periods
    • 2,4-D can increase Prussic Acid concentration for weeks after application
    • Do not harvest drought-damaged plants within 4 days following a good rain
    • Do not harvest within 7 days of a killing frost