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Sweet Clover – Yellow Blossom Seed

$3.78 / pound

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Type: Biennial Legume Height: 4-5 feet
Usage: Hay, Pasture, Beekeeping, Nitrogen Producer Seeding Rate: 10-12 lb/ acre
Plant: Feb, Mar, April

Sept- Oct 10

  • High Nitrogen Producer
  • Inoculation Recommended
  • High pH required (6-7)
  • Large Forage Producer; Grows 4′-5′ Tall
  • A Blood Thinner to Help Offset Fescue Toxicity
  • Lower Protein than Other Clovers
  • Good For Pasture or Hay In Grass Mixtures (Makes Hay Smells Good)
  • A True Biennial, Surviving Only One Winter
  • Potential Nitrogen Production of 70 lb/ acre per year
  • Studies Have Shown Over & Over Again that a One-Third (1/3) Legume Mix with Two-Thirds (2/3) Grass Will Add 100+ lbs to a Steer Over a One Year Period