The Osage




Door 30“x32”
 Firebox  28″x30″x60″
 BTU  350,000
 Weight  3,500 lbs.
 Water Capacity  500 Gallons
 Heat Zones  4
 Will heat 12,000 square feet


The Ozark Biomass Water Stove, is American made and durably built to endure the coldest of Alaskan winters.  These water stoves consist of a durable wood-burning fire box surrounded by water.  Being surrounded by water prevents burnouts.

ozarkbiomass2The 304 non-magnetic, stainless steel, Double Pass Flue runs horizontally through the water reservoir. Any wood stove or fireplace looses most of its heat through the flue; with this double pass flue system, the heat of the flue actually helps heat the water in the reservoir.  The automatic draft system keeps the water in the water tank at a constant 180?.  This water makes heat readily available when your house calls for heat.  The water reservoir is surrounded, like a thermos, by a thick polystyrene insulation.  Hot water is pumped through an insulated pipe to a heat exchanger unit located in your heating ductwork or through an existing hot water system; radiant floor heat, or baseboard / radiator units.  Also, unlike a traditional wood stove or fireplace this system allows for a more constant heat, just as your gas or electric furnace does.

ozarkbiomass3The domestic hot water coil sits submerged in the water tank. Cold water comes in and hot water goes out.  This  gives you inexpensive continuous hot water.  You can take a 4 hour shower and still wash 20 loads of laundry with hot water to spare. 

Your Water Stove can heat your swimming pool or hot tub, most use what is called a shell and tube heat exchanger to do this they work great.  It can also be hooked to your clothes dryer to eliminate your heating element or gas burner in your clothes dryer.

Construction of stoves  Side wall, bottom and  top of water tank is 3/16 inch steel.  Tank ends are ¼ inch steel.  The Fire box is 1/4 inch steel.  The fire box and cleanout doors are insulated with refractory cement  to keep the heat in.   The doors all have 1 inch rope gasket to seal them.  The double pass Flue is a 4 X 12 304 stainless steel tube.  It runs out of the back of the firebox to an easy to access  cleanout chamber in the back. It comes out of the cleanout chamber on the back and goes back to the front to the double wall stainless steel flue pipe on the top.

ozarkbiomass4The water tank has a two inch cleanout on the front and a four inch clean out on the back making it easy to maintain.

The water tank is equipped with one extra domestic water coil or swimming pool port and depending on the model you choose multiple heat zones.

They have a condensation tank so you don’t have to hardly ever add water to the furnace.

 The stove in insulated with foam insulation to maximize efficiency.