5 Frame Bee Nuc



Check back January 2023 for order information


5 Frame Nuc Italian Bees/ Tested queens (non-marked). Bee Packages must be picked up in Nixa, MO – Tentative date is late April/ Early May (weather dependent).  For the 4th year in a row, these Nuc’s are all locally sourced! These bees are well adapted for our climate, and every customer has had positive feedback.

These bees are also Varroa Mite Resistant! This is a huge advantage.

Supplies are Limited- Order Today!  After purchase, we will notify you of the exact pickup date with approx 1-2 weeks notice. Make sure you provide working phone numbers on your order.


*Note: All bee pickup dates &times are subject to change without notice, due to weather and travel. Upon pick-up, bees are no longer the responsibility of Nixa Hardware. Please handle bees with caution and care. No refunds or replacements.*