Abundant Annual Ryegrass Seed

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Type: Annual Ryegrass Height: 4 feet
Usage: Hay, Pasture Seeding Rate: 25-30 lb / acre
Plant: Sept – Nov 10


  • Abundant Because Bigger is Better
  • The Advantages of a Tetraploid Over Common Diploid Varieties:
    • Wider Leaves = Better Palatability
    • Higher Tonnage Yield
    • Higher Water & Sugar Content
  • High Nitrogen Requirement
  • pH Range (5-6.5)
  • High Protein for Pasture & Hay
  • Bred for Vigor & Disease Resistance
  • No Way is as Productive or Grows in as Cold of Weather as Cold Grazer Cereal Rye
  • A Winter Annual = Fall Plant
Tetraploid seedlings emerge faster than diploids

The benefits of tetraploid technology have been appreciated in agriculture for many decades, with tetraploid perennial ryegrasses highly valued for their rapid establishment, cool temperature growth and increased environmental stress tolerance, extending the grazing season.

Ploidy refers to the number of complete sets of chromosomes within the nucleus of each plant cell. Polyploid plants contain more than two sets of chromosomes within each cell. Chromosomes are thread-like structures arranged in linear pairs, the word Chromosome is derived from the Greek words chroma (colour) and soma (body). This provides a clue as to how tetraploid perennial ryegrasses are capable of delivering some exceptional benefits.