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Bee Keeper Clover Seed Mix

$54.00 / 15 lb reusable bucket
$3.68 / lb

Immerse your garden in the delightful Bee Keeper Clover Seed Mix, a thoughtfully crafted blend featuring 5 types of clovers. This unique seed mix not only provides a sumptuous nectar source for bees, ensuring the creation of exquisite honey, but also offers extended blooming through spring and summer.

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Bee Keeper Clover Seed mix is a combination of bee’s favorite clovers and provides a variety of nectar, supplies bees with pollen, and produces wonderful tasting honey.

Yellow and White Sweet Clover are biennial plants offering two summers of aromatic and vibrant flowers for attracting pollinators. Yellow sweet clover blooms first, then 2 weeks later white blossom sweet clover blooms for an additional 2 weeks.  Alsike clover with its pink blossoms and both types of white clover- Ladino (Taller) and White Dutch (shorter) are perennials and bloom off and on most of the summer.

Sweet Clover Yellow 55.75% 85.00% 6.00%
Alsike Clover 10.40% 85.00%
Ladino White Clover 15.00% 90.00% 15.00%
Nitro White Clover 10.40% 90.00%
Arrow Leaf Clover 5.00% 85.00% 20.00%


For best results, plant Beekeeper Clover Mix Feb- April 20th or Sept. – Oct. 15th in a prepared seed bed. Limit competition by killing weeds & grass first.