Cold Grazer Rye


Product Description



Type: Winter Annual Grain Height: 6 ft- Seed Bed,
4 ft- No Till Drill
Usage: Pasture, Hay Seeding Rate: 75-100 lb/ acre
Plant: Sept 1- Nov 15
  • Grows 12°F colder than Wheat, Common Rye, or Ryegrass
  • Much Higher Forage Yielder than Wheat, Common Rye, or Ryegrass
  • Makes the Winter Shorter Because it Grows on Both Sides of January
  • Excellent Deer Plot Ingredient (High Production & Protein)
  • So Much More Production it is Your Only Choice for Pasture
  • Grows 30 Days Longer into the Fall
  • Starts Growing 30 Days Earlier in the Spring
  • Matures 2 weeks Earlier than Wheat
  • Drill 1.5 – 2″ deep
  • How It Works: The Seed Production Fields Are Alternatively Sown with Two Varieties of Rye for Cross Pollination, Thus Considered a Strain Cross
  • Wheat Does Not Cross-Pollinate

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs