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Cold-Grazer Rye — Strain Cross Cereal Rye Seed 50#


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Cold-grazer Rye(left) compared to common rye (right)

Cold Grazer

  • A winter annual grain that is cross pollinated between two varieties. So much more production it is your only choice for pasture. Fills the winter void and replaces expensive haying operations


  • Grows 12°F colder than Wheat, common Rye, or Ryegrass.
  • Wheat stops growing at 52°F
    soil temperature, Coldgrazer Rye continues to grow down to 40°F soil temperature.
  • Grows 30 days longer into the fall and starts growing 30 days earlier in the spring. Matures earlier than wheat, making it ideal for earlier double cropping (Oats in spring)
  • Produces a much Higher Forage Yield than Wheat, common Rye, or Ryegrass.
  • Higher protein test than wheat.


  • The seed production fields are alternatively sown with multiple varieties of rye for cross pollination, thus considered a strain cross. Wheat does not cross-pollinate.
  • Plant 80 – 100 lbs. per acre.  (drill rate min 80#/ acre, traditional seed bed with broadcasting- 100#/ acre)
  • Planting depth: 1-½” – 2”
  • Plant from September 1 through November 15.
  • Split fertilizer application recommended. ½ in fall, ½ in spring.
  • The labor costs are the same any time you go across a fi eld with a no-till drill planting grass or clover, so you might as well get the extra pasture by adding the Cold-Grazer.

Learn more about Cold-Grazer Rye here: