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Crown Vetch Seed

$19.86 / lb

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Crown Vetch Seed -

Type: Perennial Legume Height: 2.5 – 3 feet
Usage: Ornamental, Erosion Control Seeding Rate: 1 lb/ 1000 sq ft
Plant: March 15- June 10
  • “Emerald” is the Best All Around Variety
  • Perennial Legume
  • Inoculation Required (A Stimulant that Helps Plants Produce Their Own Nitrogen)
  • Hard to Start because of Poor Seedling Vigor, Two Years to Establish
  • Mostly Used for Beautification, However, a Favorite Treat for Cattle
  • Plant in Seed Bed with No Competition with Little Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • If you Plant in Fall, Plant in August (Spring Planting is Highly Recommended)
  • A Soil Builder — Potential Nitrogen Production of 40 lb/ acre per year
  • Fairly Good Shade Tolerance
  • Grows in Poor Soil (Red Clay)
  • Will Not Tolerate Sandy Soil Types
  • Beautiful Tri-Color Blossom — Turns White, Pink, Lavender
  • Not for Hay Use (Leaves Will Fall Off During Haying Operation)