Die Hard Turf-Type Tall Fescue Lawn Seed

$2.38 / LB



Drought Tolerance: 8 Color Rating: 8.5
Shade Tolerance: 7.5 Laboratory Emergence: 14 Days
Plant Dates: Feb – Apr 20

*Sept- Oct 31st *

Seeding Rate: 8 lbs per 1000′ sq ft

150 lb / acre

Blade Width: Medium
  • Our Foremost Brand because it Has Been Selected Over a 25-Year Period to Have the Best Balance of Color, But Yet Have Good Drought Tolerance, Which is Lacking in Most Turf-Type Fescues
  • Fertilize at Time of Seeding
  • Low pH Tolerant
  • Use Prepared Seed Bed
  • Fall Planting is Strongly Recommended
  • If Bluegrass is Present When Reseeding, Spray Bluegrass with Roundup to Control Competition