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Eagle Seeds – Smorgasbord Mix (fall)

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Smorgasbord contains Eagle’s varieties of protein-packed radishes, rape seed, kale, and collards, along with high tonnage Balansa Clover, quick growing Berseem, and early spring growing Crimson Clover.

All these ingredients are rounded out by high tonnage Black Oats, Buck Monster Wheat, and
Rye to carry your deer into the next spring and summer. Plant one 50 lb bag per acre.

Prepare your seed bed. You want firm, but not packed soil. Prepare your soil well by disking or breaking the ground so that there are no living weeds. Your goal in soil preparation is to provide good seed-to-soil contact. Smooth your seed bed by using a roller or drag. Try not to compact the soil by working it when it is too wet, or working it so much that it dries out. Seed will need moisture to sprout and grow. If you don’t have a soil test, your plants will need a minimum of 400 lbs per acre of 19-19-19 fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer prior to planting on well fertilized soil. Work it in or make sure rain activates the fertilizer. Follow these planting dates/methods. Smorgasbord should be planted 45-60 days before the first fall frost. Broadcast 50lbs of Smorgasbord Fall Food Plot blend per acre into moist, well prepared soil. Lightly drag the seed into a 1/4 inch depth. An acre is 208.7 x 208.7 feet. Use more seed if your seed bed is rough, as you may not have good seed-to-soil contact. Seed may also be drilled to 1/4 depth in moist soil.