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Fast Pasture Seed Mix

$2.12 / lb

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Type: Perennial Grass Mix Height: 4 feet
Usage: Pasture, Hay Seeding Rate: 30 – 35 lb / acre
Plant: Feb-Apr 20

* Sept-Oct 20 *



  • Fast Establishing 4-Way Mix
  • Our Most Requested Grass Mixture, Based on Repeat Customers
  • Cattleman’s Delight
  • A Mixture of Hulled Orchardgrass, Fungus-Free Kentucky-31 Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, & Timothy
  • High Potential for Weight Gain
  • Good for Horses & Cattle
  • Fescue & Orchardgrass establish better if Planted in Fall


Endophyte-Free Kentucky 31 Fescue:

  • Proven, certified KY-31 hardy variety
  • Endophyte-Free (fungus free) advantages include: higher reproductive performance, more weight gain on cattle and prevention of “fescue foot”
  • Highly productive cool season grass for hay and pasture
  • Fungus-Free variety will not become infected by existing fungus infected grass

Best-For Perennial Ryegrass:

  • Fast Establishment
  • Tall growing forage type
  • Intermediate Tetraploid Ryegrass produces dairy quality grazing or hay
  • Excellent digestibility and palatability
  • Lasts approximately 2-3 years
  • Tetraploid = Larger Plant

Hulled Orchardgrass:

  • Top choice for pasture and horses
  • Faster growing and establishing than unhulled
  • Persistent & drought tolerant
  • High in digestible protein
  • A pasture and hay favorite


  • Late maturing to fill in gap
  • Winter hardy
  • Legendary horse feed and hay


Seeding Instructions:

  1. No-Till drill or prepare seedbed and broadcast, then cover seed 1/2 to 3/4 inches deep with roller
  2. Fertilize and lime according to soil test
  3. For best results, plant in the fallFast Pasture Seed Mix -