Goliath Oat Seed

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2/3 oats with 1/3 peas makes a great mix to increase tonnage


Type: Summer Annual Grain Height: 5 ft- w/ seedbed, 3 ft-no till drill
Usage: Hay, Grain Production Seeding Rate: 3 bu/ acre

2.5 bu & 30 lbs peas/ acre

Plant: Feb. 20- April 20
  • Tall Growing, Very High Hay Production
  • Can be Harvested for Good Grain Production
  • Recommended to use Little Giant Spring Peas to Increase Protein & Build Nitrogen in Soil
  • Good Deer & Bird Attractant
  • Goliath is a tall, late maturing multipurpose oat that can be used for grain production, forage or straw. It is a high yielding oat with good feed value. Goliath has an excellent disease resistance.
Satisfied Oat Customer, Nixa, Missouri