Hay ‘n Graze Clover Mix

$2.96 / lb Inoculated; Not Coated

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Type: Clover Alfalfa Mix Height: 2 feet
Usage: Pasture + Hay Improvement Seeding Rate:
8-10# / acre
Plant: Feb-Apr  / Sept- Oct

  • Named Because Research Show Cattle Will Gain 100 lb More on a Grass/ Clover Mix per Year than on Straight Grass Alone
  • A 3-Way Mix: 70% Red Clover – 30% Haygrazer variety Alfalfa
  • Inoculated (Not coated)
  • High Purity
  • Adding clover & alfalfa to your hay or pasture field increases protein and adds variety
  • Haygrazer variety alfalfa has large, aggressive branching root system for grazing tolerance
  • High Yielding for pasture or hay
  • Studies have shown that a 1/3 legume mix with a 2/3 grass will add 100+ lbs to a steer over a one year period.