How to Renovate an Existing Lawn


Seed-to-Soil Contact is Key!

We Rent Seeder-Slicers!

There is no Such Thing as “Overseeding” With Good Results. Just Throwing Seed Atop the Ground Will Not Yield Satisfactory Results!

Nixa Hardware Recommends Renting a Seeder-Slicer to Work up the Soil as you Seed. This Will Aerate Compacted Soil and Provide the Seed a Place to Safely Germinate, Underneath the Dirt.

magnum_lawn_fertilizerMagnum Fertilizer Can be Applied at the Same Time that You Seed.

Our Specialized Formula is Slow-Release and Contains High Phosphate for New Root Development.

For Best Results, Plant Seed Between September 1 –October 31

If Spring Planting is Required, Do So Between February 1- April 20

(Summer Planting is Not Recommended, But if Required, Loose Straw Atop the Ground Will Help Hold Moisture)

acrobat   Download Lawn Seeding Instructions


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