How to Renovate an Existing Lawn


Seed-to-Soil Contact is Key!

We Rent Seeder-Slicers!

There is no such thing as “overseeding” with good results. Just throwing seed atop the ground will not yield satisfactory results!

Nixa Hardware recommends renting a seeder-slicer to work up the soil as you seed. This will aerate compacted soil and provide the seed a place to safely germinate, underneath the dirt.



Magnum fertilizer can be applied at the same time that you seed.

Our specialized formula is slow-release and contains high phosphate for new root development.

For best results, plant seed between September 1 –October 31

If spring planting is required, do so between February 1 – April 20

(Summer planting is not recommended, but if required, loose straw atop the ground will help hold moisture)

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