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Korean & Kobe Lespedeza Seed Mix


Revitalize forage production with our Korean & Kobe Lespedeza Seed Mix, a dynamic blend of annual Pasture and Hay types. Flourishing from June to October, this seed mix boasts excellent heat and drought tolerance, thriving in poor soil with low pH levels. Ideal for all livestock, particularly favored by horses and sheep, it’s perfect for wild bird game and food plots.

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Key features of Korean & Kobe Lespedeza Seed Mix – A mix of both Pasture & Hay type Lespedezas

  • For Hay or Pasture
  • Forage Production is June- October
  • Inoculation Required
  • Excellent Heat & Drought Tolerance
  • Grows Well in Poor Soil (With Low pH Levels)
  • Has Reputation for High Weight Gain on Cattle
  • Needs to be Managed for Re-Seeding:
  • Take Cattle off August 15th
  • Allow it to Bloom in September
  • It Sets Seed in October
  • In November, Turn Cattle Back In
  • Potential Nitrogen Production of 30 lb/ acre per year
  • The Legume of Choice for Horses
  • Mostly grows on well-drained soil but will respond well to liming
  • Dry formula available
  • A non-bloating legume, Fills the summer slump
  • Lespedeza can be used by all classes of livestock, especially sheep
  • Very desirable for wild bird game plots and food plots
  • Yield potential 1 – 1-1/2 ton/acre

Note about Managing Korean & Kobe Lespedeza Seed Mix: Even Moderate Use of Nitrogen Will Increase the Competition & Severely Reduce the Lespedeza Production