Korean Lespedeza Seed

$2.48 / pound


Type: Summer Annual Legume Height: 14 inches
Usage: Pasture, Hay Seeding Rate: 20 – 25 lb/ acre
Plant: Feb- May 10


  • More of a Pasture Type, but Can Be Used for Hay
  • Forage Production is June- October
  • Inoculation Required
  • Excellent Heat & Drought Tolerance
  • Grows Well in Poor Soil (With Low pH Levels)
  • Has Reputation for High Weight Gain on Cattle
  • Needs to be Managed for Re-Seeding:
    • Take Cattle off August 15th
    • Allow it to Bloom in September
    • It Sets Seed in October
    • In November, Turn Cattle Back In
  • Potential Nitrogen Production of 30 lb/ acre per year
  • The Legume of Choice for Horses
  • Mostly grows on well drained soil but will respond well to liming
  • Dry formula available
  • A non-bloating legume, Fills the summer slump
  • Lespedeza can be used by all classes of livestock, especially sheep
  • Very desirable for wild bird game plots and food plots
  • Yield potential 1-11/2 ton/acre

Note about Managing Lespedeza: Even Moderate Use of Nitrogen Will Increase the Competition & Severely Reduce the Lespedeza Production