Magnum Plus 16-20-5 Lawn Fertilizer 40# bag

$36.84 / 40# bag

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Nitrogen (N) Phosphate (P) Potassium (K)
16% 20% 5%
New Growth “Green Up” Root Development Resist Disease
6.4# actual per bag 8# actual  2#

Iron & Zinc (Fe) – 0.5% (0.2 #)

For a lawn with a dark blue-green color

Sulfur (S) – 9% (3.6 #)

To help your lawn with disease resistance



  • This process makes Nitrogen (gas) stable.
  • This process makes Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K) readily available to the plant

Homogenized fertilizer will feed your lawn for 90 days (non-homogenized feed for up to 30 days)

Iron (Fe) is added to Magnum to give your lawn a dark bluish-green color.

Sulfur (S) is added to Magnum to help your lawn resist disease.

Magnum is good for a new lawns because of the high Phosphate (P) and also good for existing lawns because of the high Nitrogen (N).