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Mammoth Red Clover Seed

$2.76 / lb

Mammoth Red Clover is a fast-growing, tap-rooted biennial legume that can reach heights of 3 feet. It improves soil conditions by breaking up clay soils and adding nitrogen back to the soil.

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Mammoth Red Clover Seed Specifications

Type: Biennial Legume Height: can reach 36 inches
Usage: Hay, Pasture, Cover Crop Seeding Rate: 8 lb/acre into pasture
12-15 lb/acre straight
Plant: Feb- April

Sept- Oct

Mammoth Red Clover Seed -
Mammoth Red Clover Seed Features:
  • Excellent choice to add when planting small grains in the spring, frost seeding into winter grains, or fall seeding into standing crops
  • Establishes faster and is coarser stemmed than medium red clover
  • Will not have as much regrowth after cutting during the hot summer months
  • Will tolerate inferior soils, with a preference for neutral to slightly acidic conditions
  • Inoculated / Not Coated
A tried-and-true performer, Mammoth is a top choice for pasture, hay/silage production, or can be used as a reliable cover crop.