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Rampart Ladino Clover Seed

$5.58/ lb

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Rampart Ladino Clover Seed -

Type: Perennial Legume Height: 18 inches
Usage: Pasture, Fertilizer Substitute Seeding Rate: Pasture: 2-4 lbs/ acre

Deer Plot: 4 lbs/ acre

Plant: Feb, Mar, April

Sept- Oct 10

  • Inoculated, not coated
  • A Large Leaf Variety
  • Persistent, Long-Lived
  • Very High Nitrogen Producer
  • Potential Nitrogen Production of 90 lb / acre per year
  • Can Be Frost Seed Very Successfully
  • Studies Have Shown Over & Over Again that a One-Third (1/3) Legume Mix with Two-Thirds (2/3) Grass Will Add 100+ lbs to a Steer Over a One Year Period
  • Rampart Ladino white clover is the result of a cross between several selections of plants collected in Oregon. Plants selected showed a high tolerance to heat and drought, while having excellent seed yield and plant vigor. In trials, Rampart has been among the top performers for dry matter yields, as well as persistence. Seedling vigor is excellent, with fast establishment and many, vigorous stolons.