Safe “T” Graze Sudan Grass Seed

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Type:Summer Annual Sudan Height:Can Reach 11 feet

Usage: Hay, Pasture, Green Chop Seeding Rate: Pasture/Chop: 50 lb/ acre

Hay: 70 lb/ acre

Plant: May-July 10
  • A Hybrid Sorghum Sudan Grass with Piper Parenting
  • Very Low Prussic Acid Content (Because it is a Piper Cross)
  • In 35 years We Have Had No Known Cases of Cattle Losses Due to Prussic Acid Content
  • Heat & Drought Resistant
  • Very High Tonnage Produce
  • Palatable; High Sugar Content
  • Note: Heavy Nitrogen Amounts, Stress From Drought & Frost Will Create Favorable Conditions for Nitrate Poisoning
  • Piper Crosses are Finer-Stemmed than Greenleaf Crosses for Finer-Stemmed Hay
  • Much Higher Yield Potential than Hybrid Pearl Millet Because it Grows Back Much Better After Each Harvest
  • If Planted in Too Cold of Temperature the Plant will become “Stunted” & Remain “Stunted” the Entire Growing Season

Safe “T” Graze Baled for Silage


safet graze


Note the Fine (Pencil-Width) Blade