Southland Bromegrass Seed


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Type: Cool Season Perennial Height: 4 feet
Usage: Hay, Pasture Seeding Rate: 20-25 lb / acre
Plant: March -Apr 15

*Sept-Oct 31 *


  • The High Protein Grass with Wide Blades (3/4”-1”)
  • Legendary Horse Hay
  • Do Not Overgraze (10 Days Max) to Maintain a Stand
  • Southland is a Rhizoneous Grass, Therefore Will Thicken Over Time
  • Caution: Plant Shallow, Large Seed Size Make it Hard to Get Through Drill
  • Best Planted in the Fall
  • Usually Sown With Orchard Grass & Alfalfa
  • Drought Tolerant, But Only Flash Graze
  • Soil pH 5.5 or Higher
  • Mower Setting Needs to be High

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