Summer Giant Mix – 50# bag

$67.72 / 50# bag

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A High-Producing, Palatable Summer Forage.  This Legume-rich mix includes: Soybeans, Cowpeas, Sunn Hemp, Buckwheat, Sunflower, Millet, & Grain Sorghum. Provides protein and nutrition that deer need during critical growing months. 

The mix is already inoculated with 3 different strains to stimulate more plant growth.

Plant after a frost-free date (May 15). Plant one 50# bag per acre in a prepared seed bed.

Cannot be shipped to Arkansas due to the Sunn Hemp in the mix.


Forage Soybeans- Highly Palatable legume with a wealth of protein and digestible nutrients.

Cowpeas- A fast-germinating legume packed with protein.

Sunn Hemp- Deer will seek out the early sprouts and this tall growing, soil-building legume provides cover as it grows tall

Buckwheat- A prolific plant that grows quickly and performs well on poor soil.

Sunflowers- Excellent protein source and seeds produced are alsoPEREDOVIK SUNFLOWER in field beneficial to turkey, quail, & doves.

Millet- Highly digestible and provides deer with protein-rich energy.

Sorghum- Drought tolerant, tall growing, provides cover and stability for legumes to grow onto. When mature, deer will ear the seed heads.

deer in a field with summer plants