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Sunn Hemp Seed



Supplies 4 tons of organic matter and is a great soil builder!

  • Sunn Hemp makes an excellent deer plot ingredient.
  • Deer have been documented to pass soybean crops in order to get to Sunn Hemp.
  • Tolerates poor soils better than other forages.
  • If planting in a blend, use a lower percentage of Sunn Hemp to prevent it from out-competing other legumes.
  • A nitrogen fixating summer annual legume.
  • Adds over 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre to the soil. Up to 20 pounds of residual phosphorus, and 80 pounds of residual potash transfers from subsoil to the topsoil.
  • Supplies 4 tons of organic matter and is a great soil builder.


  • Fast growing = 60 days from planting typically 5-6 foot tall.
  • High protein = 30 percent protein in the leaves.
  • Weight gainer for cattle in the heat of summer.
  • Requires cowpea/lespedeza inoculation.


  • When planting, cover seed ½ to 1 inch deep.
  • Will tolerate pH of 5.0 to 7.5.
  • Plant growth: For the first 30 days, the plant is sending down roots and top growth is very slow. After that, the plant usually grows rapidly and typically reaches a height of 6 feet in growth by day 60.
  • Sun hemp is non-invasive.

Type: Annual Tropical Legume
Usage: Forage, Cover, green chop
Plant: May 15 – July 10
Height: 5 – 6 ft.
Seeding Rates: 15 lbs./acre (mix/cover crop)
25 – 30 lbs./acre (drilled)
30 – 50 lbs./acre (broadcast)