Vermont Casting Encore

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The Encore provides more than heat: it’s a skillfully crafted, timeless piece of furniture. Great design bridges beauty and utility, and a finely-fashioned exterior with classic curves and smooth cast iron finish complements features made with care.


  • 3.2 cubic foot firebox interior accepts up to 18” logs.
  • 48,000 BTU’s/hour and heats up to 1,200-2,300 square feet.
  • Top and Front loading
  • 12 hour max burn time
  • Available in Cast Black finish as well as Porcelain: Red, Mahogany, Biscuit, and Twilight
  • 83% Efficiency
  • Cleanly remove ashes, even when the stove is hot, with the exclusive swing-out ash pan and handled cover
  • Optional Blower